P H O T O  T O U C H -  U P

 think people in ads are really that perfect?

 the art of touch-up

Post editing for your photo's.  Have that near perfect picture you would like to have altered / touched up / improved?  From wrinkles to a new backdrop.
Anything is Possible!
Have that portrait picture you like? but wish you could change just a little before sending them to your friends & family?


-Add your pet to your family photo,
-Remove ungrateful grimacing child from family portrait
-Add color to your black & white images
-Give that prom or wedding picture that extra touch to make it perfect.
-Lose a few pounds, change your eye color, fill-in that bald spot
-Remove embarrassing stains
-Add / Remove a person/background/place
-Add special effects

 touch-up example:

interior bathroom design simulation:

family picture restoration:

$30.00 per picture
Buy 2 get 3rd for free! 

discreet/private service

1.Email or Send your pictures 
2.Touch Ups are made and photo's are sent back to you, either on disc or through email.
3.Originals are destroyed or returned.

A specific price quote can easily be given, just email or send your pictures to mralaze@gmail.com 

Alain Suel
12159 E. Alaska Ave.
Aurora, CO 80012 


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