1: madonis:
no lyrics

2: paraffin comatose: 
'he said to the boiling water'

3: long legs:
 'blue flannel is so amusing. blue is red and red is green. but that blue flannel is so amusing. I don't, like this.'

4: i do this for you:
  'i'd piece together my broken face, be here forever if i'd lose my place. be civil one lost in space. i'd rise above the human race. i would do this for you. be one with cancer and never leave. i'd die and die and never leave. be the fallen one amongst the dirt and leaves. i'd break away, and be at peace. i'd piece together my broken faith.

5: are nothing: 
'josephine, i won't let him hurt you.  you are, nothing (come to) nothing. you know, nothing. you'll die, alone. than one way, to murder. never hated anything more, than you, in my life. pain is nothing when i'm hating you. dearest, josephine. yes its true, i did it, to keep those blue eyes of yours blue, for fear my josephine of losing you.

6: joey was her name:
 'joy was. joy was her name. a life unwed. thirty years old. never danced a step.
(written by pj harvey)

7: sky is gray: 
'the sky is gray. the sky is gray in this place, the aftermath of broken faith. lost thoughts roam this place. reflections upon his broken face. here the sky is gray, absence of light everyday. thoughts have all lost their way. and let the blades spin. let the end begin. let the moon rise to eclipse the lies. can you hear it? can you feel it? oh god. the sky is gray. 

8: davoiz: 
'i respect your opinion and everything sir, but i think now and then your're nothing at all sir.'

9: tekno: 
'meet me in space. Josephine mclaklin, (where have you been) to almost die with a smile on your face.

10: darkspring: 
'here haze awaits its dark outside i'm looking away hiding inside. thunder awaits i close my eyes he's calling my name i open my eyes. in hell i'm dying. cringe from the lightning 2 suns are fighting i escape by hiding in hell i'm dying. hell is around me the earth is shaking this place terrifies has the blackest sky. (here haze awaits its dark outside i'm looking away hiding inside.) calling my name i open my eyes.

11: help me: 
help me. why are you looking away? help me, don't let me die this way. help me, this blood is cold and life is dry. help me. its dark as hell i'm going to fall help me. i'm seeing red and life is getting darker, help me. i'm losing blood and all of my faith.

12: poem: 
'take this thing out of me. eee-but i missed this kiss. we live lives of regret, we can't ever forget. we're made of our past like an inner bone cast. the shadow that you can't see, but i want it out of me. 

14: and what?:
(and what i'm trying, will you try with me to?)
And i've gone by...And i've run dry...And i've watched you ride by...And i release with a sigh...
And i've seen...And i sing...And i wait. still today. high
And you've known. what i've shown. And i wait. i'm still waiting today.
And your breath.. And your turn.. And your death.. was my burn. (is why i burn)
i'm still waiting today
die with me to.