to Paraffin Comatose & B-Sides

1.feels like time:
"feels like my time"

2.sleep well, leah:
"beautiful leah, down there cold, leah-me-ah, do sleep well. , johnny, where are you trying to go?"

3.bawdy lofree:
"bawdy lo-free. bad bad be bad lo-free. da-da da-daa. talkin in cat code. i'm feelin better now, strange somehow. better now, like sex sells in moscow. clear skin and perfect teeth. abba-exercise, it feels so good. dirty little christian neighborhood. vatican #6 from east los angeles, but i don't know, don't know. (je fait ca, pour toi) Its that time again."

"i'm a cat incinerator, oooh! a cat incinerator, i don't know what to say to myself, i don't know myself, i don't know what to do with myself, don't like the smell the incinerator makes."

5.waiting for me:
"my advice mr limbaugh would be to uh, sample your mom. i don't quite understand the question you're asking. i respect your... down there waiting for me."

6.vesper projector:
"as my rage, as everything in my life. i'm so alone here in the dark, i wish you were here with me. sometimes i forget. soleil. mmm-yeah, i'm such a vesper-projector. sparks of light ignite a fire, a fair chance is all they desire."

7.problem #2:
"you don't know, what you do. and then problem number two. will all, my lovers come to me. Hold my head to their chests (lips to the breast) for sense of security. Weave my hair into their veins, breath my air just the same."

8.trick turner
no lyrics

9.corporate biz baby:
"this one burns better, others burn the best."

10.texan steak house whore:
" he said to the boiling water (don't you dare) i am high, i'm high, i am an american. (smoking on) i am gone, boyhood over now. no more boyhood days."

no lyrics

12.still light:
"do you know? what its like, to almost die, with a smile on your face? Mother's looking out the window again, i think she's looking for people."

no lyrics