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Designing Tips

When it comes to designing an interface,  graphic, anything... there are many overlooked things to consider. You want a design that's attractive, pleasing and pleasant to look at.


These show the steps and different styles I went through until deciding on my final interface. Focusing on color and the interface matching well with my sites colors this is what I went through.

1d1.JPG (5074 bytes)1

1d2.JPG (5978 bytes)2

1d3.JPG (5038 bytes)3

1d4.JPG (5549 bytes)4

1d5.JPG (5638 bytes)5

1d6.JPG (3920 bytes)6

1d7.JPG (5249 bytes)7

1: This  is the basic style I was going through. I hadn't decided on textures yet so I kept it simple.
2: I added the colors and buttons, but the colors weren't balanced out the way I wanted.
3: I took out some of the color, hoping it would give it a more attractive look.
4: I put the color back, but this time I changed the buttons colors to make them mellow.
5: I decided to make the buttons have full text on them. The loading time for all of those rollovers would have been too much.
6: I got rid of all the distracting colors, and gave it a darker brawnier style to match my site. I was happy with this version.
7: The final version with buttons and all, I was finally happy with it.


As you can see below, Bright colors can make an interface distracting. The first image is the interface with enhanced colors. Yes it might look good if you have a lively site, but not for mine. The second image is how it looked with toned-down colors.

1dc1.JPG (13006 bytes)1dc2.JPG (11533 bytes)


After creating the center piece I then planned out where the buttons would be.

1df.JPG (8769 bytes)

This next image shows the focus points I was trying to imply, The center of course was meant to draw attention, then the buttons were secluded to also give a clean non-cluttered image.

1df2.JPG (13659 bytes)

You do not want to add too much detail outside of the focus point, doing so will distract the eye and will result in a messy, cluttered interface.

So when designing, keep in mind that there should be a focus point,
colors and detail that won't distract from it, and a nice layout :)

Hope that helps!