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3D Text / Cut Out

31tx.JPG (6753 bytes)
Start out with an simple pattern.

31tx2.JPG (8367 bytes)
Type in whatever you want.

31tx3.JPG (8444 bytes)
Fill in that text with the same pattern you used for the background. You can't see it here but its there.

31tx4.JPG (17073 bytes)
Now, while the text is selected, create a drop shadow.

31tx5.JPG (13713 bytes)
Use these settings, or tweak them and experiment.

31tx6.JPG (7151 bytes)
And there's the shadow you just made.

31tx7.JPG (7032 bytes)
Move the shadow up so that its just a little below the original text.

31tx8.JPG (8133 bytes)
Copy and paste that shadow, then make it negative.

31tx9.JPG (7700 bytes)
Send that white shadow to the back while keeping it a little higher than the original text and there you have it!